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Act as your tax agent, AMACC provides you a wide range of taxation services for both personal and corporate tax compliance.

Every taxpayer who is taxable is required to declare his income to the IRBM.

Followings are the categories that require you to declare your income tax under Malaysia Tax Law:

1. All persons staying in Malaysia more than 182 days are considered as residents of Malaysia.
2. All persons who stay in Malaysia less than 182 days are regarded as non-resident and will be taxed on a different scale.

The Taxpayer is responsible for;

1. Obtaining and submitting Income Tax Return Form.
A company needs to send or return the ITRF that has been filled without any documents attached, to the Information Processing Centre of IRBM within 7 months after the close of the accounting period.

2. Submitting tax estimation and paying the installment within the required period
3. Company tax computation
4. Declare income and expenses including all the deductions and rebates
5. Keep the records for audit purposes.

Here, AMACC as your tax agent and consultant, will guide and provide you with professional taxation services for your personal and corporate tax compliance and filing.

Personal income tax:
1. Form BE (Annual individual tax declaration form for employment)
2. Form B (Annual individual tax declaration form for employment and enterprise)

Company income tax:
1. Corporate tax compliance and filing
2. Corporate tax computation
3. Submission of form C (Annual tax declaration form for company)
4. Submission on form CP 204 (Estimating tax payable for a relevant year of assessment)
5. Advise on calculation, reminder and payment of CP 204
6. Preparation and submission of Form E & Form EA


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