business advisory

Business Advisory

Act as your business advisor, AMACC offer professional advises to Corporations and individuals on business matters by analyzing the clients Financial Statements to give a properly and strategic advice to ensure that their accounting operations match with the objective of the business. We dedicated to advice in a manner that will make the clients become more efficient and profitable in their businesses. How do we do?

  1. Monitoring business performance and operation
  2. Advising on business management and Human Resource matters
  3. Provide financial and strategic advice to client

Under our Advisory service, we also provide one program called D.S.A.I.M where the scope cover in this program are wider as its cover the short term and long-term aspects of a business such as Planning, Organizing, Leading and Monitoring of a business. The objective of this program is:

  1. To diagnose any inefficiencies occurred in the business operation
  2. Looking for effective and relevant solutions for business issues detected
  3. Help client to analyze almost all scope cover in operating a business
  4. Mainly to help businesses to improvise any shortcomings detected in the company by monitoring clients progress


We also sharing class to businesses and individuals to help them develop business skills and knowledge. Class provided:

  • Start Up Genius
    As a guide to implement successful business. We teach and train the participants on basic business management which are, documentation, accounting, auditing, taxation and human resource and management.
  • Basic Accounting and Documentation
    Focus on teach the participants about accounting and documentation. On how they can organize business documentation and account for them to achieve business objective.
  • Excellent Business Management
    – The right way to manage your business. The main focus of the program is to help entrepreneurs manage their business in a structured way


Part of our business advisory is to assist our clients for their Assessment and payment of zakat on personal income and zakat on business (company). All zakat payments are income tax exempted (rebate) for individual and company on the current year.

We offered:

  • Personal Zakat
  • Company Zakat
  • SPG (Skim Potongan Gaji)
  • I-Wakalah

What is i-Wakalah?

Program under Lembaga Zakat Selangor (LZS) which has been introduced to provide the opportunity for Zakat payers to get the reinstatement of Zakat distribution. Through this program, Zakat payers are appointed as Zakat representatives on behalf of LZS to distributes Zakat themselves to eligible asnaf based on the principles of Zakat distribution.

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